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By Laws




The name of this Organization shall be the Mt. Horeb School Parent-Teacher Organization, commonly referred to as Mt. Horeb PTO.


The goals of this Organization shall be:

1. To enhance the educational and cultural opportunities of Mt. Horeb School students;

2. To promote the emotional and physical well-being of the children in the school, community, and home;

3. To build a closer relationship between the home and school;

4. To encourage a cooperative effort between the community and school.


1. This Organization shall be noncommercial, nonsectarian, nonpartisan, and nonprofit.

2. This Organization shall cooperate with the school administration to support the overall education of the children.

3. This Organization shall sponsor programs which emphasize academics, social development, and public service.

4. This Organization shall sponsor fund-raising projects and utilize the monies raised to further the objectives stated in Article II.

5. This Organization shall not endorse door to door solicitation for PTO sponsored fund-raisers. The parents shall be notified of this policy in writing by chairpersons of fund-raising committees. All incentives such as free gifts shall be eliminated from the fund-raisers.

6. This Organization shall have the option to support the Board of Education’s proposed annual operating budget, budget addenda, and referenda.

7. This Organization shall not endorse any candidates seeking election to the Warren Board of Education.


1. Any parent, guardian, or staff member interested in the objectives of Mt. Horeb PTO and willing to uphold its bylaws may become a member.

2. The Organization shall conduct an annual membership drive in September, but persons may join at any time.

3. Only PTO members shall be eligible to participate in its business meetings, vote or assume any elected or appointed positions. These positions include officers, committee chairpersons, and homeroom parents.

4. The Executive Board has the option to change the dues at the beginning of each school year. The annual dues of the Organization shall be $10.00 per family and $5.00 per staff member.

5. The fiscal year of the Organization shall be from July 1st to June 30th of the following year.


Section A. Executive Board Structure

1. The Executive Board shall consist of the President or Co-Presidents, Vice President, Secretary, and Treasurer.

2. The Executive Board shall be elected by a majority vote via closed written ballots no later than mid April.

3. The Executive Board shall serve for a one year term and shall remain in office until the successors assume their duties. The President, Vice President, and Secretary shall assume office on July 1st. The Treasurer shall assume office on July 15th.

4. A vacancy in the office of the President shall be filled for the unexpired term by the Vice President. The Executive Board shall appoint a PTO member to fill any other office vacated during the term. Notice of any vacancy shall be provided to the PTO membership.

5. A PTO member shall serve as an officer only for two consecutive terms. If no other member would like to serve, then the officer may continue to be re-elected.

Section B. Nominating Committee and Its Responsibilities

1. The Executive Board shall appoint the Nominating Committee and designate its chairperson in February. The Nominating Committee shall consist of five PTO members, preferably one from grades K to 4. These individuals shall not be eligible for office unless no other member accepts nomination.

2. The Nominating Committee shall invite potential candidates to run for the Executive Board at least one month prior to the general meeting in April. All candidates will be listed on written ballots distributed to the PTO membership. The Vice President shall provide the membership list to the chairperson. Only those who consent to serve shall be eligible to run.

3. The Nominating Committee shall collect the ballots, tally the results by majority, and present the new Executive Board at the April PTO meeting.


1. The Executive Board shall have the authority to conduct business between the general meetings.

2. The Executive Board shall:

Create standing and special committees as needed and appoint committee chairpersons;
Approve plans of all committee chairpersons and co-sign any applicable contracts;
Approve and submit a budget for the fiscal year to PTO membership;
Approve expenditures up to $200 per transaction without a general membership vote;
Increase a budget line item up to 20%, but not to exceed $200.00;
Maintain complete records and deliver all official materials to their successors upon assuming duties;
Remove an officer, chairperson, or homeroom parent who commits an illegal act during his/her term.


1. The President or Co-Presidents shall:

a.     Preside at all meetings of this Organization and its Executive Board;

b.     Coordinate the activities of officers and committees so that the objectives may be achieved;

c.     Be an ex-officio member of all committees;

d.     Attend any committee meetings if necessary;

e.     Only vote for motions made at general meetings if there is a tie;

f.     Serve as a primary liaison to the Principal;

g.     Cosign for all PTO bank accounts with the Treasurer;

h.     Cosign all contracts with the appropriate committee chairpersons;

i.      Compile information for the Gazette;

j.      Inform the PTO members of meeting dates and agenda;

k.     Attend Board of Education meetings to ensure PTO Executive Board representation.

2. The Vice President shall:

a.     Perform the duties of the President in his or her absence;

b.     Act as chairperson of the Membership and Goodwill Committees;

c.     Maintain the member list;

d.     Responsible to manage the donation campaign;

e.     Manage annual fundraisers, including evaluating new fundraisers for the year;

f.     Ensure the PTO closet is organized and remains functional;

g.     Oversee special teacher gifts;

h.     Attend Board of Education meetings to ensure PTO Executive Board representation.

3. The Secretary shall:

a.     Record, present and/or post the minutes of all general meetings to the PTO website;

b.     Have a copy of Roberts Rules of Order Newly Revised and the PTO bylaws for reference at all meetings;

c.     Manage the correspondence of this Organization;

d.     Arrange for the PTO Welcome Luncheon in September;

e.     Arrange for the PTO membership closing event in May or June;

f.     Distribute minutes to the Executive Board, Principal, and Staff Representative;

g.     Responsible to maintain the PTO website and coordinate appropriate content approvals;

h.     Maintain a record of PTO paperwork (e-blasts, memos, etc) distributed to the students and their families;

i.      Responsible for advertising and publicity for all PTO sponsored events;

j.      Attend Board of Education meetings to ensure PTO Executive Board representation.

4. The Treasurer shall:

a.     Manage all funds;

b.     Keep an accurate record of receipts and expenditures;

c.     Prepare the proposed annual PTO budget together with the other officers and input from the committees;

d.     Present this budget at the last PTO general meeting (May) for approval for the following year;

e.     Present the financial report at all executive board meetings;

f.     Prepare a year-end financial statement no later than July 31st;

g.             Attend Board of Education meetings to ensure PTO Executive Board representation.


1. The Executive Board shall meet at least six times between September and June. The President shall determine the meeting schedule.

2. The President(s) shall call a minimum of two general meetings of the PTO membership during each school year.

3. The Principal shall appoint a teacher to represent the staff at all PTO meetings. The teacher shall serve as a liaison for all staff requests to the PTO. The teacher may serve for two consecutive school years.

4. At the September meeting, the PTO members present shall vote whether the minutes will be read or posted on the bulletin board for the entire school year.

5. Advance notice of significant agenda items shall be provided to the PTO membership. These items may include votes for major expenditures, guest speakers, and elections.

6. Decisions requiring a membership vote shall be governed by a majority of those PTO members present at any general meeting.

7. The Executive Board may call an emergency meeting of the PTO membership with only two school days notice.

8. The authority on questions of parliamentary procedure shall be Roberts Rules of Order Newly Revised for all general PTO meetings.


1. With input by the Executive Board, the Nominating Committee shall coordinate the Support Our School (SOS) forms.

2. The Nominating Committee shall present a list of recommended chairpersons for approval by the Executive Board Elect by May 15th. The Committee shall also present a list of parents interested in serving as committee members.

3. The Executive Board Elect shall appoint the chairperson of each committee for one school year and has the option to limit the number of consecutive terms.
4. The chairperson of each committee shall present its goals and plans to the Executive Board for approval before beginning any activities during his/her term.

5. Each chairperson shall maintain appropriate records throughout his/her term. At the end of the term, each chairperson shall submit a summary report and committee records to the Executive Board.

6. Each chairperson shall work within the approved budget and may request additional funds as needed for specific projects. Requests for budget increases will be subject to Executive Board approval and/or a general membership vote depending upon the dollar amount.

7. Chairpersons shall be authorized to co-sign contracts on behalf of the PTO together with the President.


Charitable gifts shall not exceed $200.00 per occurrence. Gifts of recognition and appreciation for teachers and staff members shall not exceed $50.00 per person per occasion.


1. A special committee of three members shall be appointed by the Executive Board in order to prepare an amendment and/or revise the complete set of bylaws. In absence of a committee, the Executive Board shall undertake this work.

2. Proposed bylaw amendments or revisions shall be presented at any general PTO meeting provided that written notice was distributed to the membership at least two weeks prior.

3. The proposed amendment(s) and/or complete revision shall be adopted with a majority vote of those members present at a general PTO meeting.

4. The bylaws shall be reviewed every three years.


The Executive Board and committee chairpersons shall be indemnified against expenses and costs, including reasonable attorney fees incurred in connection with any proceeding involving such Executive Board members or committee chairpersons of the Organization to the full extent
permitted by Section 15A; 3-4 of the New Jersey Nonprofit Corporation Act (N.J.S.A. 15A: 1-1 et seq.) as it may be amended from time to time or any successor legislation.


Upon dissolution of this Organization, all funds left in the Treasury shall be used solely for Mt. Horeb School at the discretion of the PTO.


Updated:  April 12, 2012