WMS Announcements - 6/11/2021

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Good Morning, Warren Middle 



Today is Friday, June 11, 2021


Morning Announcements

WMS Daily Student Wellness Check should be completed everyday by 7:35 AM. 





Dates to Remember


June 14 - Return of Chromebook - 8th grader ONLY

June 16 - 8th Grade Ceremony @ 2:00 PM

June 17 - Last Day of School




Birthday Shout Outs


June 7 - Ainsley K. 06,  Juliana S. 07 

June 8 - James A. 07, Benjamin P. 08, Alyssa R. 06

June 10 - Dominick D. 06, Aaron F. 08


Weekend Birthday Shout Out

June 12 - Sari B. 07, Kyle S. 08 

June 13 - Flynn B. 07, Taylor B. 07 

June 15 - Maia D. 08

June 16 - JohnPaul M. 08

June 17 - Ryan S. 06






All emergency medications in the nurse's office, such as inhalers or Epinephrine auto injectors, will be sent home with your child on Wednesday June 16th. Medication forms for next year will be placed in the bag with your child’s medications so you can have them completed for the next school year. 

All other medications should be picked up prior to June 17th.

Any questions please contact:

Lisa Lontai 908-753-5300 Ext 5003.


8th Graders Share Reflections and Farewell 


If you told me from the beginning of the year where we all are now, I'd be astonished. Whether we all changed in good or bad ways, that's up to everyone else to decide. This year ___________, and I'm so incredibly proud of everyone who managed to get through it. We might not have a lot of happy memories together, but I still think the memories that have been made are just as important. To everyone here: the teachers, the students, the janitors, the counselors, and everyone else. Thank you so, so much. We will miss you. ~ Holly L.


To my 8th grade teachers, this year we faced many technical difficulties and obstacles, but somehow you have all managed to turn this situation into something great. I have made so many memories in a short period of time. I will forever be grateful for my homeroom class because there was never a dull moment. Whether we were helping each other study for math, or laughing during kickball, my class always had a good time. So, to all of the teachers who have taught me everything I know, and to the friends I have made in the span of three years, thank you. ~ Alyssa T.


Well, it's been a wild three years folks. You know, I expected these years to be the best ones of my life, and well, they weren't. But, even though things feel like they could have gone better, I've survived and I've had some great moments that I can look back and laugh at in the future. And, between getting a year and a half of normal school, half a year of completely virtual school, and a year of mostly hybrid school, I feel like I've really learned how to quickly adapt to new things, which is important. Thank you to everyone who helped me make it through my middle school years, and to quote Elle Woods, "We did it!"  ~ Maya W.


The last three years at WMS have been great, it has been really fun and I have learned a lot. Many teachers have been really helpful and without them I wouldn't have done my best. It has been a great learning environment and I want to say Thank you to all of my teachers and classmates. ~ Benjamin P. 


I am so grateful for this learning experience that WMS has given me. The teachers here are truly amazing and they work to provide every student with a positive learning environment. Through this school I have made so many new friends that I will carry with me to Watchung Hills. Thank you to all the faculty and staff here at WMS for giving me 3 great years of fun and learning. ~ Alexandria U.


My 3 years at WMS contributed so much to who I am today. When I walked into school on the first day of sixth grade, I didn't know what to expect. I didn't know how much I would change and I didn't know I would make so many great new friends. I didn't know how different I would be when I left on the last day of 8th grade. The middle school experience has changed me for the better. I have made so many great memories here and I know I will cherish them forever. And thank you to all of my teachers for teaching me so much and supporting me. ~ Navya V. 


This year has been such a blur, yet full of amazing memories that I will be able to take with me through highschool. I have made so many great friends through middle school, and I am so sad to leave this school, but am happy and excited to experience new things in highschool. I always love playing sports in the gym with my classmates, and struggling through math assignments every week. My teachers have taught me to persevere through difficult situations, and to not give up even when it gets tough. I want to thank my teachers for helping me prepare for not just high school, but my future in general. So thank you, and I will know I will be more successful thanks to your great influence and teaching.  ~ Helena P.


I wanted to take this time to say thank you to all the teachers and faculty members that have made my time here at Warren Middle School unforgettable. I remember all the great times I had through the years here at the school. My whole time here at the Warren Township School District was one of the best times. ~ Jeff O. 








PTO News & Important Dates







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NEW!! Warren Deli - All Day - Every Day - Just show your SOS card and 10% or your order will go back to the PTO!



La Strada -  -All day - Every Tuesday mention WMS in the comments when ordering and show SOS Card on pickup


Cilento Family Dinner -  every day of the week -must order 24hrs in advance