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Announcements - 4/19/17

Fidget Spinners and fidget cubes are considered toys. Please keep them at home.

Important:  All students need earbuds and charged chromebooks for each day of testing next week!
6th Grade Chorus members should meet today in Room 34 during Guide.
Sopranos will meet during 1st Guide and Altos will meet during 2nd Guide.
Please tell your Guide teachers before coming to Chorus.
This Friday, 6th Grade Orchestra will rehearse in Room 37 during 3rd Period. All members should attend and please bring your instruments.
This Saturday is Earth Day! We are celebrating Earth Day here at WMS in two ways:
First, we would like everyone to wear earthy colors on Friday. Earth colors are green, brown, grey and blue.
Second, there will be a slide show in the APR on Friday during all lunches. The slides were created by many students here at Warren Middle School in all grades and contain important messages about Earth Day.
Today is Day B for for 6th Grade.