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Announcements - 3/16/2017

The Library is closed 5th and 6th Period. PE students should report to Guidance.

Please go to the Home Arts Room to purchase your tickets for Legally Blonde NOW.
"Kisses for the Cast and Crew" will be on sale for just $1.00 during lunches today and Friday (plus at both evening performances). This is a great way to show support for your fellow students who have worked so hard on this production.
Ticket holders should arrive by 6:45 PM or earlier so you are in your seat for 7:00 PM.
The show will end at approximately 8:45 PM.
All CAST and CREW members need to be at school by 6:00 PM.
Legally Blonde Cast and Crew will meet in the APR at the start of the school day.
Legally Blonde Cast will go home on their regular bus today and return at 6:00 PM to get ready for their 7:00 PM start of show. Break a leg.
Backstage Crew will stay after until 3:40 PM.
8th Grade Chorus members will meet today in Room 37 during Guide.
Sopranos will meet during 1st Guide and Altos will meet during 2nd Guide.
Please tell your Guide teachers before coming to Chorus.
Tomorrow, 6th Grade Orchestra will rehearse in Room 37 during 3rd Period.
All members should attend and please bring your instruments.
Today is Day A for 6th Grade.