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Announcements - 2/16/17

The Library is closed during Guides today.

Backstage Club will not meet today.
The Boys' Basketball Team vanquished crosstown rival Long Hill to win the Conference Championship, 59 to 34. Thank you to all the students and teachers who have come to support the team throughout our season.
Attention all Guide teachers and students: Please remember to tune your TVs to Channel 16 during Guide today to watch a broadcast of the WMS News. The broadcast will air at the beginning of each Guide period.
8th Grade Chorus members will meet today in Room 37 during Guide.
Sopranos will meet during 1st Guide and Altos will meet during 2nd Guide.
Please tell your Guide teachers before coming to Chorus.
Legally Blonde- Show rehearsal today is for Scenes 8, 9 and 10. Check to make sure whether or not you are needed before you leave for the day.
Today is Day A for 6th Grade.