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Announcements - 2/10/17

Congratulations to the winner of the 6th Grade Can Sculpture Contest - Mrs. Baker's and Mrs. Alger's Character Ed Group! They will receive a pizza lunch!

The 4th Continental Math Meet is today in the E2 Room during Periods 1-8 (choose one).
Attention all Guide teachers and students: Please remember to tune your TVs to Channel 16 during Guide today to watch a broadcast of the WMS News. The Broadcast will air at the beginning of each Guide period.
Tenors will meet today in Room 37 during Guide.
7th Grade Tenors will meet 2nd Guide.
8th Grade Tenors will meet 1st Guide.
Please tell your Guide teachers before coming to Chorus.
Valentine's Day is not just for romance; it's also a time to show affection and appreciation for those who make our lives better. Be sure to buy your Valentine Gram for a bff, friend, secret crush or that special someone. Valentine Grams will be sold during lunch on WednesdayFriday and Monday for 50 cents.
Legally Blonde: Show Rehearsal today is choreography for all of Legally Blonde Remix 1,2 and 3 until 5:00 PM.
Today is Day A for 6th Grade.